Wireless MODEM for acoustic signals, able to work in the underwater environment by using a N-FSK (N=4,8,16) modulation, with a variable bit-rate (10-100 kbit/s). It includes a digital section for data management, storage and processing and an analog section for the signals transmission.


By using this communications system, the network nodes can transmit the data obtained during the detection phase from sensors and the information and control signals regarding the activities coordination.


This project has followed an innovative approach during the building phase, in fact it is possible to recover a triple complexity level:

  • HW level, architectural structure, logic, and electrical of the system;
  • Firmware level, scheduling of both memories and configurable devices (FPGA);
  • SH level, executable programs on processors (microcontroller, DSP).


digital modulation – underwater environment communications – transmission – receiving – transducers