H@H (HEALTH @ HOME) – Smart Communities for  citizens’ wellness. The project aims to create assistance to citizens based on a network of integrated health, social services and interoperable devices/systems.


The network will be built on an infrastructure based on cloud computing paradigms aimed to connect companies and organizations that offer services with the subjects that will benefit (mainly identified in individuals and families). The infrastructure must be open and accessible to all and designed so that the “normal” services currently providedcan can be offered.


The term “services” means health services (remote monitoring, remote data processing, electronic health records, telemedicine), community services (provided by government and/or private), social services (eg. Support) and even the basic services normally offered by private (pharmacies, catering, maintenance, household appliances, etc).


Achieving these goals requires important changes from the side of the networks monitoring devices in home, on the side of the remote management of innovative services with dedicated user interfaces and their integration through a dedicated cloud platform.


The project is realized through the cooperation of the ICT community in support of health with the home automation community, interconnected by the main Italian company in the telecommunications sector. The common purpose is to create Smart Communities to serve the welfare of the citizen. In particular, the systems’ application of home automation and telecommunications to medical sciences will create unimaginable prospects. The innovative organic implementation of such technologies can contribute more significantly increasing the effectiveness, the efficiency and the right of access with equal opportunities to medical services of an adequate standard.


In this rtegard, (given the extreme heterogeneity of services), it is necessary to have a support from all public and private entities that provide distributed services to each other; a control room will ensure the governance of everything.

ehealth – home-rehabilitation – microsoft kinect – tracking algorithms – citizens’ wellness – services