H@H Project – HEALTH @ HOME – Smart Communities for citizens’ wellness

The project, which involves the participation of the University La Sapienza, University of Genoa, Polytechnic University of Marche, CNR, Telecom Italy SpA and other national companies, has passed the selection obtaining the highest score in their field . The project engages a budget of 22 million of euros and aims to create assistance to citizens based on a network of integrated health and social services and devices/systems interoperable.

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ANDE Project – Automatic Neurological Disease Evaluation

ICTinnova participates in the POR (Operative Program Lazio Region European Funds) industrial research and experimental development project ANDE whose company agent is Telecom Italy SpA. The goal of this project is study, design, development and test of a new system that supports the operator in the early stages of medical diagnostics in order to assess, as accurately as possible, the neurological deficit of the human body.

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ICTinnova has developed a Wireless MODEM for acoustic signals, able to work in the underwater environment by using a N-FSK (N=4,8,16) modulation, with a variable bit-rate (10-100 kbit/s). It includes a digital section for data management, storage and processing and an analog section for the signals transmission.

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