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Descrizione Progetto

Interactive Dashboard (ID) allows to control a personal computer through simple gestures, not by using mouse and keyboard. The system is able to recognize gestures and motions associated to specific activities as video scrolling, opening and closing of applications, controlling the system, etc.


ID allows the access to:

  • Multimedia library (Images, Videos, Musics, etc.);
  • Personal internet services (social network, mail, voip);
  • Entertainment services (tv, games, web);
  • Multimedia files in the PC storage.


Due to its versatility, ID turns to different sectors and fields such as:

  • Domotic: ID permits, just with easy gestures, the opening/closing of both windows and shutters, the video surveillance control, the maintenance of lighting and air-conditioning systems, etc.;
  • E-Health: ID helps people with both body and cerebral impairments with the aim to control the devices with easy gestures;
  • Training: ID permits to interact with the contents in a more attractive and engaging manner;
  • Entertainment: ID allows to get  personal files (photos, music, videos, etc), comfortably from the couch, and by using in a simple and intuitive way the media library;
  • Tourism operators: ID offers additional information, usable through a simple motion;
  • Business: ID help public and private companies to present their business offer in a different way. ID can be used such as an interactive and multimedia means during fairs, events, expositions, etc.

kinect - gesture recognition - interactive control