Event Management System (EMS)

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  • EMS - schema funzionamento

Descrizione Progetto

Event Management System (EMS) is an intelligent access control system usable within events. Through an online form, participants have the opportunity to sign up for the event, directly  from home, receiving in attachment by email theQR code identification. The code can be saved on the personal tablet/smartphone and shown at the event gate. The registration process and access to the event is so accelerated, simplified and made user-friendly.


The logic flow of EMS is simple and straightforward: passing the QR code in front of a common webcam, the identification is carried out in less than a second. In relation to the information contained in the QR code, identification may be associated with the execution of other commands (opening turnstile, notification of proper recording, sending email, etc.). The participant is authenticated with a simple gesture. The automatic registration can also contain data relating the time of entrance and exit. The system has been designed as an economic and scalable solution to be used with one or more gate. EMS has been designed and developed for Microsoft Windows desktop.


EMS can be useful for:

  • both private and public companies (or authotities) employed in events, exibitions,  conferences or conventions organization;
  • associations employed in artistic or cultural  exhibition organization.

QRcode - webcam - controllo accessi - gestione eventi