Cinequiz – Cinema e Roma

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Descrizione Progetto

“CineQuiz – Cinema e Roma” is the official Game App of the “La grande bellezza del cinema italiano, Roma-Hollywood aspettando la Notte delle Stelle” event, organized by Roma Capitale during the 86th Academy Awards 2014.


Cinequiz is a game daveloped for both Android and iOS devices, committed for the cinema sector, and in particular for the well-know cinema of Rome. The application is composed by a nice quiz, in which every question will have multiple answers and where the user has the aim to choose the highest number of correct answers in the minor time as possible.


The user has just 15 seconds for giving the right choice. The final score of eachone, that depends from the percentage of time used and from the level od difficulty of each question, is saved in a remote DB in order to build a ranking to be shown at all the users registered in the game.


The game has been developed by ICTinnova, in partnership with the business network INNOVERETE and


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