ICTinnova Core Business

ICTinnova develops hardware and software systems oriented to the creation of flexible, customized and optimized solutions for applications in various fields, such as the safety of persons and goods, e-health, the promotion of cultural heritage, home automation, sustainable mobility, logistics, transportation, traceability, energy efficiency.

Intelligent Sensor Networks

They allow control of assets intended for logistics management, home automation, security, transport, emergency, etc.

Proximity devices and IoT

HW and SW platforms based both on the use of proximity technologies and on the Internet of Things paradigm (RFID, NFC, RGB-cameras, Kinect, M2M, NUI, embedded processors).

Data analysis

Management and processing of data for capturing, processing and storing large amounts of information.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications on the Android, iOS, Windows Phone platforms, for delivering information and communication services, augmented reality, etc.

Multimedia Totem

ICT innovative systems, as an informative/educational role, based on multimedia totems for different applications: development and use of cultural heritage, occupational safety, etc.


Technological systems with the aim to facilitate the integration of both the administrative and clinical information systems of the healthcare facilities.

Context-Aware services

Diffusion of multimedia information via mobile devices, customized to be careful at the specific client needs, such as museum or touristic guides,etc.

 Multimedia Mobile Units

Common vehicles (taxi, pullman, ecc.) equipped with ICT technologies able to integrate multimedia contents.

Training and Consulting services

Management and scientific consulting services for both public and private companies.